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22 March 2011
International Cuisine:

How wining-dining would affect an expat' life and career?
How important is the choice of food and restaurants for business meetings?
Which international cuisine is most popular in Turkey?
How many international food brands operate in Istanbul?
Which are the most popular restaurants specialized in a specific cuisine?
What to expect in other leading cities of the world...

  Discussion co-chairs:
Mr. Claudio CHINALI, Executive Chef, Borsa Group
Michael Kern, Corporate Communications Director, DEKON Group
Mr. Giuseppe PRESSANI, Executive Chef, Paper Moon Milano Restaurant Istanbul
Mr. Vittorio SINDONI, Executive Chef - Manager, Da Vittorio Ristorante

Structure of the program:

Turkey is an expatriate exporting country, and ESU Turkey aims to provide a platform for young professionals to get prepared for a future expat life. In line with that goal and within the framework of our vision, ESU Turkey will be hosting a series of roundtable discussions and debating opportunities, called "ESU ExpatSuite". The program will aim to help talented young people improve their multicultural adaptation skills to help them be better prepared for an international career.

Each event starts with some international keynote speakers expressing their point of view on the subject and all participants are welcome to get actively involved in the following discussion and debate.

The structure of the program is such that for each event there will be up to six international senior expats sharing their views and experience on the selected topic. The session will start with a panel where each keynote speaker will address the participants with a short introduction (max 10 minute), and then they will join small discussion groups where participants could direct their questions in a more conversational environment. We seek to have a max 42 participants divided into three roundtables. Therefore the events will consist of a general panel for about 45 minutes followed by 90 minutes of small group discussions (divided into three 30 minutes periods at which keynote speakers will change tables...).

Schedule of events: