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The English-Speaking Union

Creating global understanding through English

What is the ESU?

The ESU is an independent, non-political, educational charity with members throughout the UK, USA and over 50 other countries. Its purpose is to create global understanding through English at a time when English is positioned as the increasingly shared language of an interdependent world. For millions it is the key to personal achievement in the arts, business, politics and technology. The language has never been more needed, its uses more varied, its contribution to international friendship and co-operation more vital.

The ESU's response is to work through people-to-people exchanges, scholarships, debating and public speaking activities, conferences, seminars and national and international programmes made possible by the generosity, interest and expertise of its members worldwide.

Our commitment is to create international understanding and to promote human achievement through the world-wide use of the English language. We aim:

to promote English in international public speaking and debate for the support of world-wide communication and dialogue
to encourage the enjoyment and constructive use of English through educational programmes
to provide a forum for international friendship through our support of the world-wide network of ESUs and the provision of secretariat facilities for the International Council at our headquarters at Dartmouth House, London
to initiate and administer international youth exchange and work experience schemes
to focus on key current affairs issues through regular international conferences, seminars and meetings
to provide and create cultural activities
to faciliate and assist the establishment and recognition of ESUs world-wide
to ensure the co-ordination and coherence of our activities through the skill and dedication of our staff and voluntary helpers
to make full use of the enthusiasm and support of our members
to work in close and innovative partnership with our corporate members and sponsors.

Schedule of events: