The ESU brings together and empowers people of different languages and cultures. By building skills and confidence in communication, we give people the opportunity to realise their potential. Worldwide, the members and alumni of the ESU support these objectives.
Our vision is to provide young people with communication skills, confidence and networking opportunities. We endeavour to see that the value of good communication as an essential attribute for individual, community and global development and understanding is publicly recognised and widely integrated into education and social policy.

Preparing the future EXPATs...

Turkey is an expatriate exporting country, and ESU Turkey aims to provide a platform for young professionals to get prepared for a future expat life. In line with that goal and within the framework of our vision, ESU Turkey will be hosting a series of roundtable discussions and debating opportunities, called "ESU ExpatSuite". The program will aim to help talented young people improve their multicultural adaptation skills to help them be better prepared for an international career.

Each event starts with some international key note speakers expressing their point of view on the subject and all participants are welcome to get actively involved in the following discussion and debate (some rules apply). Details of the key note speakers for each event will be announced on our web site two weeks before the meeting date.

Please also note that all meetings are free of charge for our members, and a participation fee applies to other participants. RSVP is highly recommended due to limited place availability.

Please the other side of the brochure for 2012 program and check our web site for more information:

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Venue: Grand Hyatt Taksim / Time: 18:30 - 21:00


Schedule of events: